RV Awnings

RV Awnings don’t last forever.

Need a new RV Awning? Maybe it's time to upgrade, or perhaps you're wanting to fix your old awning. In either case we have selected awnings ranging from $170 to $870, we have narrowed down your search to some of the best RV awnings that are currently in the market.

How To Replace an RV Patio Awning.

Need some help replacing your new awning? Check out this useful video from RVGeeks below. It will go over everything you need to know including the tools and equipment needed.

Top Reasons of needing an awning

Keeping water off of our RV siding.
A RV without an awning leaves siding unprotected and vulnerable to the weather. Unprotected siding suffer high rates of premature failure of any paint or stain, and can even allow water to eventually leak into your RV.
Windows and doors can be protected with a good awning. If you look at older RVs, you’ll often notice that the casing on window heads and door heads is substantial, and is often capped by a protruding ledger. These features help deflect rain.

Create Shade
The sun can cause a lot of issues. The heat can sometimes be unbearable, not to mention you’re at risk of having skin cancer from the harmful UV Rays. Retractable sun awnings on RV can lessen this risk and shade you from the heat. They can help cool your outdoor area by 20 degrees and help stop heat from going inside your RV. Sunlight can damage the fabrics of your carpets, curtains or furniture, the shade that awnings create can help protect your furnishings.

Can redefine your outdoor living space into something better
Without an awning your RV is not making full use of its outdoor living spaces due to lack of shelter. You can get the most out of your RV by adding a patio awnings to expand your living space by adding shade. Your RV can look and feel bigger with the simple addition. It’s no fun being stuck inside while camping and an awnings can create a relaxing outdoor ambiance that you and your family can enjoy.